Monday, November 3, 2014

The end is near. This road that I have been traveling on is going to slowly come to a halt, starting with the removal of this site. The purpose of SVFD Insider was to provide information in a provocative way in which to catch the attention of the community, fire department personnel, and the leaders that represent the Spring Fire Department. The content was designed to simply create awareness and attention to issues. I will now pass the torch to the Spring Fire Department to educate and inform the public.

On Sunday evening (November 2nd, 2014), I (Chris David) voluntarily sat down with a large portion of the executive board of the Spring Fire Department. I figured it was necessary to "clear the air" in a way that allows this website to produce something positive. I would like to think that my consistent messaging has created a response by the officers of the Spring Fire Department to pay more attention to providing pertinent and informative information to those who seek it. Although I can't speak for the department, I left the meeting convinced that they fully intend to work on the public image of the SVFD by taking a proactive approach. 

Why is this important? Simple, if we have the answers from the fire department prior to having to ask the tough questions, there will be no purpose to this site's existence. I have encouraged them to "get ahead" of the negative press and provide information before speculation and rumors boil over. 

Therefore, I will respectfully withdraw this site by December 1st, 2014 with the confidence that the Spring Fire Department will take a forward-thinking approach to educating and informing its members and the interested public through the appropriate channels of communication. 

I applaud the command staff for taking the time to meet with me, understanding my purpose and enthusiasm, and committing to a more open line of communication that will mutually benefit the department and the public